Frame Restoration

With over 30 years in the window cleaning business, we have come across many commercial buildings where the powder coated aluminium window frames have become faded, chalky and look unsightly. The sun and its UV rays cause fading to the window frame as well as introduce a products available.

We use a specialist 3 stage system to make your frames look like new.

The first step is to remove the damaged top layer that has become faded or "chalky" to the touch. It is then essential to carry out the second step which ensures the frame is clean and prepared for the third and final step. The final step is applying a Hydrophobic coating which is designed to restore colour and, as it penetrates deep into the pores, provide long-term UV blocking protection and an exceptionally smooth surface which resists acid rain, industrial deposits, tree resin, sea salt, and bird droppings. This process will bring back the offices aluminium powder coated window frames back to their original colour and will protect them in the future.

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